Shadow Style by Joe Rindfleisch

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A Little History A very long time ago Joe Rindfleisch attempted a project on Bare Handed Coin Assemblies. The project was never completed but copies of this video circulated among the top coin guys in magic and many of the routines and concepts were kept as closely guarded secrets. This underground video was filmed over 10 years ago and the only copy Joe had was not even watchable. Thanks to Joe Cole who was able to preserve a copy of this material it now can live on. Basically, Shadow Style - Some Assembly Required is a lesson in brainstorming on the theme of Bare Handed Assemblies. With the Launch of Joe Rindfleischs Rainbow Rubber Bands and the many downloadable rubber band effects he is releasing this underground video as a gift, free of charge! There were a few reasons why this was never put out. 1. The video production was terrible. 2. Some of the effects werent that good. 3. The only copy that was salvageable had errors and a few skips that got transferred to the video file. 4. Audio was bad, you can hear Spanish music from the bar next to where it was filmed. If you could look past these few points Im sure youll be able to gain some useful things from it. Plus the price is right - Free! Joe would like this material to be out there and seen by those that will appreciate it. This has been a labor of love and since he will never release this commercially or will he reshoot this material, he will offer it up as a gift to the magic community free of charge. BUKTIKAN Demo