Brain Games by Max Vellucci

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Brain Games is a mentalism collection of 9 extraordinary effects created from the mind of Max Vellucci. Each effect has the characteristic to be very simple to execute but also very strong and powerful on the audience. Mental Max With this effect you will guess the right symbol chosen freely from a spectator amongst five present on three cards, without any forcing. Secure Draw Duplication A simple and effective system to perform a clean and safe version of Drawing Duplication. This method, together with Mind Poker Face, has deceived even the best mentalists. Mind Poker Face Five people will secretly choose five poker chips from a bag four chips are white and one chip is red. You will be able to easily identify the person with the red chip. A very clean and practical version of the Kurotsuke effect. Four Chairs Prediction Invite three spectators to sit in any of the four chairs available on stage, leaving one of them empty. Despite the fact that the choices made are completely free and at will, you will be able to foresee the final outcome of the effect. It is a very practical version of the chair prediction without forcing, nail writing or using uncomfortable outs. Any Chairs Prediction Another version of the Chair Prediction that opens up different types of presentations. Draw Suggestion An innovative psychological effect that will allow you to read the minds of three different people through the vision of an abstract drawing. Draw Suggestion is an effect using real psychological mentalism and doesnt employ any illusionist technique. Kissing Roulette An impromptu effect that you can create using your own business cards. Playing a funny game of Russian Roulette where at the end you will receive a nice kiss. Egg Roulette Invite a spectator to participate in an original Russian Roulette. On stage there are five envelopes. One of them contains an egg. We ask the spectator to mix them up and your objective will be to crush them all, leaving the last one which contains the egg. The Gift A grand finale for your shows in which the final prevision will have a real unexpected twist Note 70 pages (10 pages of Mind4Mind advertising) BUKTIKAN Demo 1 Demo 2