The Action Cop by Thomas Baxter

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The Action Cop will change the way that you do Magic with Cards. From prolific author Thomas Baxter (The Nail Writer Anthology, The Open Prediction Project, A Card Merely Thought Of...), this 78 page hardcover book outlines a series of revolutionary methods for secretly and invisibly removing a single card or many cards from a pack in the action of shuffling, fanning, spreading or cutting the pack. With detailed photographs and crystal-clear descriptions of the moves, an original Ed Marlo notion is taken to new and previously unexplored areas. Zen-like simplicity, with the unflinching focus of a professionally served tennis ball! - JAY SANKEY Marlo repeatedly said Palming separates the men from the boys. Baxters manual not only gives you natural ways to get in and out, he offers zippy, high-yield applications. If you could see this stuff done, you would be instantly sold. Highly recommended! - JON RACHERBAUMER Well written! I especially liked your Undercover Cop and Fan Cop. A pleasure to add this to my bookshelf! - BILL MALONE BUKTIKAN