10 Magic Myths Exposed by Devin Knight

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he theme of this book is that the truth will set you free. Do you know the 10 major magic myths that may be holding you back? In this book, the author exposes the biggest myths about magic that many magicians still believe. He then gives you the REAL facts. This information is an eyeopener for both new and experienced magicians. It was derived from more than thirty years performing experience and from discussions with other professional magicians. Real world in the trenches information assembled for you in one easy to read book. Does magic really make you more popular? Do people really enjoy being fooled? How does the public really feel about magic? Are there bad audiences, or just bad magicians? Does practice really make perfect? Is magic really as much fun as you think it is? You will learn the answers to these questions and much more in this book. This book also includes a special bonus section, Lies That Some Magic Dealers Tell You To Make Sales. You will learn how to be a savvy magical consumer and not fall prey to these lies.