Mystical Vanishing Bandana by Robert Hass (CM)

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You explain to the audience that you subscribe to the Magic Trick Of The Month Club and that you just received a new magic trick in the mail and you were so excited about sharing it with them you havent even opened it yet. You open the shipping box and remove a CD. You put the CD in your CD player and turn up the volume loud enough for everyone in the audience to hear. After a short music introduction, a voice explains that this is The Lesson of the Amazing, Mystical, Vanishing Bandana. The voice tells you that you need two props for this trick. The first is a large dark colored square cloth and the second is a yellow bandana. After hearing these words, you reach into the shipping box and bring out a piece of dark fabric and a yellow BANANA, not a yellow bandana. The voice continues to explain that this lesson is about palming and instructs you to fold up the yellow bandana and vanish it in the dark square of fabric. You really fold and mash up the banana (UGH!), which gets tons of laughter from your audience. The trick ends with you vanishing the folded and mashed banana in the dark fabric square, which is in reality a Devil s Handkerchief, which has also been improved. This routine is so easy to perform. The CD talks you through the entire trick which gives you time to really maximize the laugh factor. Supplied complete with everything you need for this effect (except the Banana). This one is too good to pass up and perfect in any type performance. BUKTIKAN Demo